We are proud of our dedicated guests, who come back to us year after year.  We hope to impress you the way we've impressed them! 

Privacy Campground has been a family favorite for decades. It is beautiful, quiet, relaxing—everything you want in an amazing camping spot. But, the best part is the years of stories the owner Andre can tell! Not to be missed.
—Gabriel, from New York City    
We took our children to Privacy Campground for years. Whenever we proposed any other vacation—a trip to Yosemite, say—they screamed and hollered. They always wanted to return to Privacy Campground. And, truth be told, so did my husband and I. Our stays at Privacy were wonderful family bonding experiences. I would always cry when we drove out of the campground to return home because I knew that these were the best times of our year. Now that my children are grown and have moved away, they remain the best times of our years together. Thank you, Andre (and Birgit, too), for sharing your little piece of heaven with us.
—Lynn, from Boston

Great fun for families and groups of all sizes. A surprising combination of nature and engineering amidst Berkshire County’s many cultural attractions.
—Dave, from Needham

I absolutely love Privacy Campground. When I was a kid, it was a place to explore and let my imagination run wild as I ran up and down the mountain, across the well-maintained trails, around the pond, and through the playground. As an adult, it has been a place of relaxation and remove from city life while still being close to all the goings on about the Berkshires. It's a place to go hang out with friends and family. I take every chance I can get to go back.
—Julian, from California